Target Cashier Camera Is Impressive

Take a look - two views side by side:

I am pretty sure it's a surveillance camera but (1) it's a smoked dome so I couldn't see the lens (nor where it's aimed) and (2) it does not look like any camera housing I've seen before.

Also, notice how it's obscured by the stand side in front of it, which makes it less obvious to customers and is much more elegant (both in color coordination and mounting) than typical cameras.

Anyone know anything about it or check it out at their local Target? Curious.

Same camera Walmart uses I believe- Wren MGW4.

James, thanks!

Here's the MGW4 product page and stock image below:

I'm not convinced it is the MGW4, since the MG stands for mini-globe, the W fot wall and the 4 for four. It looks bigger than four inches to me, do you agree? if it's closer to 12 then its probably the EG12. Good news, its got the triple imager option, shown below.

Though these look like MGW4s, no?

When I zoom in all the way I think I can see the imager pointing towards the cashier, but I'm not sure if its just a reflection of the pole?

Here's a link to the 5MP uncropped wiki image...

Interesting, they look mirrored in addition to smoked, no?. In both pictures behind and to the left look like 2 smoked-only domes, flush mounted to the drop-top. Or am I seeing things? So maybe the mirrored ones are multiimager with one for each of two lanes?

The mirrored effect whether intentional or not, seems like an awsome idea since when you see yourself in the 360 degree reflection, it feels like its recording you! Makes the dome come alive, with movement. Reminds of those mirrors that Carl* the Candyman would strategically place around his shop, at every angle, to catch us kids boosting bubblegum. Looking up and unexpectedly seeing just his eyes in some 4x4 reflector made your blood run cold.

*No relation

No, but I always wanted one of those hooks:


Although the package is nice, not impressed with a camera that comes with 330TVL imager or that tops out at 480 TVL.

I wonder what's inside the dome / housing. It is conceivable there is a different camera inside.

You are correct.

Axis camera inside the wren housing - Contact Wren and they will supply a full list of all IP cameras that fit this enclosure

Axis camera inside the wren housing...

In case you might also know:

Which housing, the 12" or 4" or both? Did the housing formerly contain Wrens? Or is Target just smitten with the enclosures?

Specifications suggest the Hi-res version is 540TVL, WDR version is 650TVL.