Tallest Building In Beijing Buys 600 Axis SD Encoders...To Save Money.

Kudos to Axis for selling a large' high-profile deal in China, and in its capital no less.

However the "solution" seems to run contrary to the Axis mantra of IP is cheaper.

We have the problem*:

So what is your solution? Was it:


Sounds like a strong case for Analog HD retrofit over IP in general, no?

*I'm assuming that the analog cameras were already in service and working as part of a existing system, but the case study doesn't mention it and puts the 600 cameras in the solution section, so...

This case study is from 2008. The discontinued products cited indicate that and the format for the url are consistent with that - ss_china_wtc3_33436_en_1008_lo.pdf (highlighted 10 / 2008).

It is my fault for including this in the spider results. I am not sure if Axis added it in another place recently or if the spider made an error.

ok, i feel dumb.

The building was completed in 2010, so then assuming this was a brand new install, its interesting that they included the bit about 40% savings of integrated cable and the 50% savings of debug and installation.

Savings over what, IP cameras?