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Synergis ACS Integration With Intercom

Hi there,

We are designing a synergis ACS and customer requires to furnish and integrate a SIP-based intercom. I would like to seek your advice what intercoms have been used and pros/cons of it.

Thanks in advance!

[Mod edit: Poster works for Genetec]

We thank you for your continued interest in Genetec products. As Shaun mentioned, we currently offer integration with Zenitel and Commend intercom solutions by leveraging the SIP protocol and have deployed dozens of projects with this integration, which includes a dedicated task in the Security Center interface to answer and manage calls, as well as view video and unlock doors from the same tile.

We are actually in the process of productizing a new Security Center intercom module that will offer additional enterprised unified capabilities, which will be released with a new pricing model where intercom licenses will be available on a per connection basis. We are targeting limited availability in the summer timeframe and general availability later in 2014. In terms of pricing or upcoming features, I would recommend you reach out to your local Genetec RSM so that we can provide more details and gain feedback on the needs of your customer.

Shaun - very helpful info and excellent insights. Thanks a lot!

That is great feedback and insight. Thanks!

The A1001 would be a good solution for this application, as long as you have someone monitoring Security Desk. Do know that the integration of that controller with Genetec requires the Synergis Master Controller. That may be cost prohibitive for small systems. We've used Digital Acoustics and Cyberdata SIP-compliant intercoms for integrations with Genetec. Use Asterisk instead of FreeSwitch as the SIP exchange that connects with Security Center. It allows for easier trunking to other VoIP and UC systems. We've also bypassed Security Center and connected the intercoms directly to costumers' VoIP systems. You can even stream a camera to the LCD screen of a VoIP phone. The receiver dials a code during the call to open a relay on the intercom and open the door/gate. You could tie that relay to an input on an access controller, too. We've done a Commend integration with Genetec. We got it done, but it was far more difficult than it should be. Lots of possibilities!

Not to answer for Genetec, but they have plans to support the Axis A1001 door controller. Our understanding is the integration is beta now and in field trials.

In any case, the A1001 includes Audio In/Out features, and while this is no guarantee of support, other software/VMS vendors have, so its a reasonable guess Genetec will.

In the future, intercom support at doors may be as straightforward as connecting a speaker and mic to the Axis door controller.

We've done many integrations with SIP intercom solutions and Genetec Security Center (Omnicast video and Synergis access control). The integrations are amazing, as we have been able to share Genetec Security Center (GSC) functionality with SIP phone systems and Unified Communications systems. However, the solution/integration is far too expensive for 1-door.

**Interruption for question to Genetec--when are you going to commoditize a SIP intercom connection like a camera connection so it can be affordable for smaller systems?**

The recommendations for Commend or Stentofon are great, as both companies make good products. Aiphone make as simple, IP-based system that works pretty well, too. Check out their IS Series. They even sell "Convenient Box Sets" that include the hardware you need for 1-station/1-master systems. ISE-100 - Aiphone

Hope this helps...

Thanks for the information. We are trying to get a quote on Commend and its been challenging!. I will look into Stentofon intercom. very helpul.

Commend's WS210C video unit is supported by Omnicast, and others have integrated Stentofon's (non-video) Turbine with success. Those options would be easy to add, once purchased. They run about ~$1000 - $1300. However, they are only sold through dealers and finding one in your area may take a call to the head offices.

Hi Brian - yes It is Genetec Synergis.

The intercom is needed only at the main door entrance of a police building - so just 1 station. We have scoped a camera looking at the entrance however if there is a cost-effective intercom with built-in camera we can utilize that as well.

Hope this helps

Hello Undisclosed:

By 'Synergis', do you mean Genetec Synergis?

Can you offer a scope of the intercom system needed? How many stations? Will cameras be located near the respective controlled doors?