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Switch With Port Monitoring/ Rebooting?

I am looking for a switch that will ping a device, and if no response within a specified time frame, will reset the port.

I am used to the Ubiquiti ToughSwitches with ping watchdog but that feature only seems to be available on their smaller tough switches. Looking for something in the 24 port range.

I thought the new Unifi switches had the ping watchdog feature?

Transition Networks has some switches that can automatically reset the port if the device becomes unresponsive. I've only heard about them in the past few months so I don't know much about them, but you might want to give them a look.

I have not personally used the Transition Networks switches for this particular feature, but I have deployed over 100 of them over the last 2 years.  We haven't had any failures, and I'm told that the auto restart option is great.  

We switch to Transition Networks this year and so far so good. The Device Management (DMS) feature is pretty nice. 

The network mapping feature is nice!

Smart switches are finally starting to get "smarter".

A question with Transition Networks.  Do you need all Transition Network switches for the network maps to work or do you just need one of there switches on the network to get the mapping feature to work?

According to Transition you could put one of their switches at the head end and it would make out everything downline, including other switches up-linked. However, I don't think it will be 100% perfect and we haven't tested that extensively, though on our own inhouse one we do see some of the up-linked switches and their end points.

If the network is all Transition DMS models it should map correctly. I just can't say 100% because honestly while it's a nice feature, we don't rely on the maps that heavily yet as we rely on our own drawings. But having the maps is a great benefit to see if something changed or someone plugged in a foreign device, or seeing if something dropped off that was detected before.

It is probably based on what SNMP version you are using. The Domotz software has a similar feature but is limited so SNMPv2, if I remember correctly.

We don't have SNMP turned on the switches and from what I understand it doesn't use SNMP.

DMS is a great utility, however what we found out the hard way that you can't leave it on full time. On a small network of just several switches it's ok. But on a large network of dozens of switches, apparently it drags the network down considerably with constant polling. So on a large network you only turn it on for a short while to as needed to create a map or run the diagnostic utilities. But the reboot-on-PING-loss feature is not dependent on DMS.

We have been using Planet Switches for maybe a year or two now. They do have the ping/reboot feature as well as many other features including a cable diagnostic tool. 

Hi David,

How are the planet switches working out now that we are three years later??I'm specifically gauging the industrial PoE switches from planet.Thanks for the reply.

As far as I know, this has not been implemented yet on Unifi Switches, but would also love to see it implemented.

Vigitron has had this feature for years, actually works and has a pretty good UI. No, I do not work for Vigitron.