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Surveillance Reaching Time Warp Style???

I came across DIGIEVER, a company that manufactures NVRs. I got impressed about one claim in particular regarding their NVRs: "users can simultaneously monitor up to 200FPS in 1920 x 1080 pixel(Full HD) or up to 300FPS in 1280 x 720 pixel(HD) outstanding monitoring performance."

200FPS??? Is that really needed for surveillance? It seems to be more like using a sledgehammer to crack a nut! Does anyone have some experience with high speed surveillance?

Note: For those not aware of the Time Warp TV series.

I would bet a pile of money that they are counting on 300fps total across all channels... I might lose that momey, but I am pretty sure that I wouldn't.

I dont have real world high speed experience (Ive demoed some Basler cameras), among other Carl will probably be your guy.

I am betting with Sean, yikes!

I think this is equivalent to a DVR manufacturer saying they do 480fps, meaning they do that across all their cameras.

Beyond that, it's a weird spec. If you have 9 cameras on screen, I don't see why you need or care about all of them streaming at 30fps. Also, note it's local viewing only which means you need to be sitting in front of the box.

Ok Folks , Im not a genius , but the math does not line up. The Processor , Storage , and related box for something like this would cost a fortune at least 25-50 k .

As a specialized product , custom item and customized applications it would be great but if you want to pay back for R&D , Process , and distribution , You would have to sell quite a few or keep the cost high.

Just another sales tactic .

This would be great for fast action events which need the plays , played back , ( like Superbowl events ) detail is important or Process Controls where your trying to capture the critical events of process failure and stop , start events.