Surveillance Cameras On Yachts?

Anyone have any experience installing / integrating surveillance cameras on yachts? A member is asking.

What issues / best practices would you share?

p.s. - if only the former Pelco CEO was here now....

Yes, have done several.

Usually, but not always, yacht implies salt water, which is your biggest enemy. You have to watch out for dissimilar metals and things like that.

Deciding on a power source for the equipment can vary based on the vessel. Some will have near constant 120VAC power available with maybe a brief interruption during switchover from shore power to genny (which can be handled with a UPS). Others (usually on the smaller end) will have a house battery bank and an invertor, if you can tap off the house bank you'll have an almost unlimited supply of 12VDC so it's helpful to try and use 12VDC as your base power source.

Vibrations are always an issue, any cable runs need to be properly secured, much moreso than when doing a "normal" install.

Engine rooms are generally off limits for mounting equipment due to spark hazzard.

A lot of this really depends on the size of the vessel and just how much equipment you're putting in.