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Surveillance Camera Used As A 'Cashier'

This is a self-serve shop. I'm assuming it's in an Asia somewhere. You can see the instructions on the left wall and the images from the cameras on the right side of the picture. The "cashier" is the camera to the right of the sign. If this type of set-up actually works, that would be a great study. It makes me think of the police chief from Rialto who found body cameras reduce use of force incidents -- cameras keeping people honest.

That's pretty clever. I can see that working in low crime / low risk areas.

Take it one step further - have virtual cashiers 'stationed' across a number of stores, coming online when motion is detected inside the store.

Considering the reputation self-checkout machines have already, I'm not so bullish on this idea.

"Please place item in bagging area. Unexpected item in bagging area."

Problem you will have is when the person targets this store using a mask, takes a bunch of items quickly and runs out. Smash and Grab without the smash.

There are a few unmanned stores here. It seems that kind of stores are mainly based on belief that people are honest. So I think installing a surveillance camera can lower crime rate anyway, but it won't be able to prevent all unexpected cases.

Hi Anna, where is "here?" What's the camera setup look like in the ones you've seen?

Hi Carlton. I mean here in Korea. :) However, I've never seen that unmanned store equipped with camera personally. Many people think it's a matter of conscience so they are reluctant to install a camera. What I'm saying is another case, but installing camera as a cashier will come in handy when it comes to labor cost cut down.