Surveillance Camera Man Vs. IPVM Member

Some of you might be familiar with Surveillance Cameraman Series from youtube. If not, they are a series of occasionally entertaining and often tedious videos centering around a fearless traveling camcorderman, whose "camera is always rolling". Usually, while pointed in the face of John Q. Public in public.

He then continues to record them over any objections of privacy or threats of violence.

But more than just another Tom Green, he claims to be making an import social point about the pervasiveness of cameras in public spaces, and our surprising acceptance and approval of our daily actions and whereabouts being captured by the state.

Basically, his argument is "if you don't mind security cameras recording constantly recording you, why do you mind a camcorder pointed at your face?" And more basically, the people being recorded argue "Stop recording." Nothing better than that.

However here's a case where the person being recorded actually puts up a decent fight:

And no wonder why considering the training... ;0

That's really funny!

For reference, here is the series:

Note: Surveillance Cameraman's "megabyte" gaffe at 1:12 suggests that he attended the infamous Arecont SIA member exchange luncheon.

Is this for real?

More importantly, is Undisclosed 1 for real! :)

Best marketing stunt (for IPVM) ever. ;)

Interview given by the real SCM here, the end of which is shown below.

No need to claim parody after that suggestion...

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