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Sureview Immix Alternative

Looking for an alternative to the Sureview Immix multisite PSIM. we do video monitoring of amenity centers but wasnt happy with their cloud product or implementation so we stuck with the enterprise edition which is slow/non existent to the latest product offerings. are there any other alternatives besides Dice and Bold? we dont really need a new alarm automation platform at this time but need the variety of devices like Avigilon, Axis, DM, Digital Watchdog, Digital Acoustics, ADPRO, and any other top hardware vendors.

We've worked with (intgerated our products with) i-View Now since last year, I think the solution is an excellent way forward for central stations. Definately worth talking to.

Thanks, i have looked at them and they do support some of our integrations. looking for something that we can host at our datacenter instead of paying someone to handle the video. we have 250 plus sites already but i am definitely going to contact them for a demo and see what it would take for additional devices to be supported.

Manitu by Bold Technologies is what we almost settled on after Immix limitations - But in the end, we hired a couple of developers for a custom fit feature set.

UL Listed Monitoring Software. Manitou Security Monitoring Software


You customized immix or your own application?

...our own application - we serve a very niche market and integrate with many customers' existing systems so it just made sense

Joe, thanks. As a side note, I've seen this play out a lot. Once experienced people see the costs of these systems including customizations (hundreds of thousands), it often becomes less expensive and more effective to do build it themselves.

We have developed our own for the gated community visitor access market so we know the costs but limited to one manufacturer. Just looking for someone who already has done the work for the amenity centers.