Superresolution Demo...

Here's a demo from a company called Almalence on software that claims to increase resolution 2x, without any hardware modifications needed to the camera. They also claim it's fast. And available now.


Perhaps Entropix could critique this?

Superresolution is not new. For example, image enhancement software has used that for years (e.g., Testing Ikena's Video Enhancement Software).

I don't know if this company is better or faster but it seems that it needs to be integrated into products. I think a neat offering would be superresolution online service, i.e., just upload your video and get it processed / returned asap.

Superresolution is not new.

What camera manufacturers or VMSes are embedding super resolution?

So there is an Almalence Android app or?


Unlike other imaging solutions, each of which improves some specific property such as dynamic range or noise level only, SuperSensor provides complex improvements. Its effect is similar to replacing a 1/4” sensor with a 1/3” sensor containing more pixels, which results in higher resolution, lower noise, higher speed, and wider dynamic range altogether.

A demo of SuperSensor in a form of Android app for Nexus 5 is publicly available on Google Play. The first devices which utilize the Almalence SuperSensor technology are expected to be available on the market in 2015.

Actually, I don't have an Android phone, so maybe it's junk... Intel just invested in them.

I figured Michael or Nathan might have the skinny on them...