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Suggestions On Software For Servicing And Repairs

I'm looking for suggestions for software that will help me track my client repair and troubleshooting calls and easily output the repair notes, time on location, materials and drive time for billing purposes.

Additionally it would be very helpful to be able to add a continued event when a repair requires additional visits to install ordered parts or equipment as needed from the troubleshooting visit.

While I'm laying out my want list it would be wonderful if it was mobile friendly in order to access past notes on work performed and assign work orders to techs in the field.

Currently I’m using Ace Route for planning/dispatch and printed work orders.

I created an online formstack form which we can use with smartphones to access a drop-down client list and select tic-boxes of the most common issues and parts used then insert notes and photos to be stored/uploaded. The form is integrated with google drive spreadsheet, fresh books invoicing and dropbox for image storage. What I have is good for doing a service call and noting what work was done and parts used but no forward progress or amending a work order if we discover a bad component and need to reschedule and track the work performed against work orders received.

I appreciate your help.

It sounds like the system you're unhappy with is actually way ahead of what many use! I know of a national integrator that does service work on triplicate sheets and manually enters job notes with data entry clerks.

A few questions that would help:

1) Which business accounting and/or inventory system do you use? It it Freshbooks? You probably should think about integrating those into and ordering/job tracking system.

2) What platform do you use to manage proposals and quotes?

Hey Brian,

your two questions helped me expand my thinking and keywords in my search. I'm looking at a company from VA that look like they have what i need. I will report back with an evaluation based upon my findings. By the way freshbooks is not my first choice it just happens to integrate with the formstack platform.

Thank you

This looks intresting... works with Freshbooks too.

Thanks Alex. Here is GeoOp's webpage.

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