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Recommendations On Road Surveillance Project

Hello Fellows. I am pretty new to Video Surveillance but have an approval from our local council to implement a pilot road surveillance project. The first phase of this pilot project is to start with four 3mp camera or higher for a neighbourhood. The distance between the exits is about 3km apart.

I would like your suggestion on the following

1. If a wireless network would be ideal and if so, would Firetide be recommended for this project?

2. Would the Axis Q16xx Series and E5 series be an idea camera/server to work with together?

3. What VMS would support a video Wall and would afford us stability with this project.

4. E5 series server

Thanks Folks

How many cameras are you realistically planning to expand to? 10? 100? etc. And are you looking to have all of these cameras be wireless? Over how wide an area? This impacts choice of wireless election.

Axis Q16s are quality cameras, on the far high end of the price scale, but with no integrated IR (if real low light is going to be an issue, Lightfinder needs some light and even then is often noisy).

For the video wall, what do you want? You want to control / send video from one room to another? Or do you want to simply connect multiple monitors to a single PC and just drag and drop cameras to each monitor? Recommendation depends on how sophisticated this needs to be.

Overall, your initial approach is gold plated. This may be what you need or the customer wants but it's worth thinking through / comparing to more reasonably priced offerings.

Hello John, Its a pilot project and the approval is presently for 4 cameras. I want to believe if the first phase is implemented successfully, a city wide approval would be granted. So, from our preliminary report to the council a city wide surveillance would be approximately 50 cam. Primarily, we considered wireless for the major part of the project.

However, I am pretty open to suggestion that is tailored towards performance and cost reduction. I really need this to work as this is my first project.

If you are planning to expand to 50 cameras wirelessly, you should strongly consider mesh.

Firetide is the most well known mesh wireless manufacturer, but they don't have a great reputation and they just got bought out by a weird operator.

The other well known mesh wireless provider is Fluidmesh. For more see our Favorite Wireless Video Surveillance 2014.

I'd talk to both of them and see what you think.

Btw, those are not the only mesh wireless providers. There are a number of niche, smaller ones that might be just as good or better helping you.

Question - have you ever done a mesh wireless project before? If you have not, I'd prefer whomever is going to provide the most hands-on support to you as tough implementation issues are commonplace.