Suggestions Needed For Outdoor Dome With Recessed Mount - Maybe Axis P3225-LVE?

I have a high-end residential install project where I need to install 3 outdoor dome cameras. The list of requirements are fairly routine, except this one: it needs to be installed in a recessed dome mount (or similar appearance) underneath an eave and the end result has to be "aesthetically pleasing".

Here are the other requirements:

- True WDR, 1080p+, integrated (smart) IR, outdoor rated (North East US on coast), decent onboard analytics that can handle simple outdoor motion, either varifocal or lens options that can give between 40deg and 90deg FOV

The IPVM Finder suggests these. Out of all of those, it looks like the only one that supports an outdoor recessed mount is the Axis P3225-LVE with the T94M01L bracket.

Does anyone have any experience with the P3225-LVE, or have any other suggestions?


Brian, nice use of the Camera Finder!

Btw, you can sort cameras by size to see which are the smallest (just click on the size header and it will sort accordingly). That might help a little.

I'll leave the mounting question to those with better experience than me.

Based on your spec you can use the Hikvision 2742 and the RCM-1 recessed mount RCM-1

Hope this helps!

UD1: I initially skipped over the RCM-1 because it didn't appear to be outdoor rated. The spec sheet says "Alluminum alloy with surface spray treatment". Any idea?


All of their mounts are made with Alluminum alloy. I've used their other mounts and they hold up very well outdoors.

The actual mount isn't sealed as it's open from the rear but the camera is and based on your specs your putting it in an eave. I don't think this will give you any problems.

UD1: Thanks for the feedback and additional option - much appreciated.


Glad that I was able to help.

Hi Brian

Mobotix offers our D25 camera that meets your specification requirements and can be used in combination with our In Ceiling Recessed kit. I have recently taken the role to build our Home Automation vertical and have quite a bit of experience not only with the residential installs, especially where Aesthetics is of utmost concern but also automation features as well. I'd be happy to give your further information should you wish.

Hi Hunter,

Thanks for the info. I don't see integrated IR or true WDR in that camera - did I miss them?

Brian, this is where Hunter tells you are wrong to want true WDR or integrated IR. It's the Mobotix way...