Suggestions For Future Evaluation Ultra Low Light Cameras...(Non IR As Well)

I've preached to my kids that most good things don't happen after midnight. And when the bad stuff makes the evening news the camera outside the Bar or in the alley has horrible image quality. IR lighting is good for detecting, crap for identification, CCD, HAD, Super HAD, Starlight, Lightcatcher, Analog, Analog & encoder, vs. IP......

time for a showdown on low light identification cameras....

"IR lighting is good for detecting, crap for identification"

I think that's too strong. The big problem is that non-IR cameras generally generate a ton of issue making them often 'crap for identification'. Also, unless you have a fair amount of light, even super low light cameras are fairly dark.

You might be interested in our: Super Low Light vs Integrated IR Shootout

We do have non-IR low light tests like Ranking IP Camera Low Light Performance and shootouts featuring individual 'super low light camera' like the 5MP Super Low Light Tested (Bosch) and the Panasonic Series 6 IP Cameras Tested.