NVR 120' From Monitoring Location - What To Do? Extend HDMI?

Here is situation. I have a nvr hikvision 9632 in comms closet about 120 feet from where it is to be viewed. The didtance is too far for hdmi cable. So are there techs out there using extenders for hdmi and how good do they work? I also need to extend mouse control so does extenders do dual function? The other option is using a pc with client software and running a cat 6 cable. I will have get a powerful pc as video with 24 cameras is quite taxing on processor. I assume i will have use a pc with i7 capabilities. Anyway whats best route to take?

We have are currently using HDMI USB KVM Extenders from here (Direct from China).

Do not have high expectations on support; however, we have never had any issues and we have deployed over 40 of these units already.

Also, IMO, stay away from passive extenders as they are merely robbing Peter to pay Paul.

KVM HDMI extender will do this just fine at a serious cost. Gefen and BlacBox make good ones. If you use a PC, viewing isnt too taxing when viewing multi sub-stream images. It definitely would be taxing if trying to view higher resolution streams full time. I would probably go i7 if I went the client PC route.

A decent UTP HDMI extender (>230ft) is a few hundred bucks. You can also get a UTP USB balun as well for under $100.

I've used "passive" HDMI extenders that use two UTP cables, for under $70 (got a bunch on sale at half price once), they've worked really well.

If you can do VGA, a KVM extender can be had for a fair bit cheaper than with HDMI.

Then again, I found this one on sale at 50% off, or under $150: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=1DG-005A-003N7R&cm_re=hdmi_extenderr-_-1DG-005A-003N7R-_-Product