Suggestions For Diagramming Software

I have used Visio extensively for Network documentation. Are there any open source / low cost equivalent tools which you would recommend.

OpenSource - Dia, Apache Open Office Draw, Libre Office Draw

Low Cost - YED, Edraw Max

For CCTV layout design is there any feedback of JVSG and VideoCAD

I have been using JVSG since 2012. It is a fantastic product. Sometimes a bit buggy. But the newer releases have had less issues.

It is not a diagram product. It is 3D modelling tool to allow you to accurately place your cameras.

I use JVSG to model my CCTV systems and then use Visio for system schematics and network designs.

Below are some screenshots from JVSG. Try the demo version they have online, you will be hooked.

As to visio, I probably use it 2 hours a day every day. Still the best product available for schematics or diagrams. Worth paying the money for the licensing.

I use

Gliffy is intuitive & easy.