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Suggestions For Complete Standalone Outdoor Survelliance Using Normal Indoor DVR.

Hello members! I was hoping to get some advice regarding a potential project. I have a HOA that wants to install two cameras at the entrance to the community to monitor incoming traffic. I plan to install one overview camera and a dedicated LPR camera. They have a large brick sign that will allow perfect position for the cameras. There is already a power on the sign. The problem is the sign is in the middle of nowhere. There are no adjacent buildings to house a dvr.

My preliminary idea is this.

1. Install two camera as normal on the side wall of sign.

1. Install weatherproof housing large enough for DVR, cable modem and router for internet.

My question is will a normal DVR, cable modem and router last in a weatherproof housing. Does anyone have any experience with this? Can you recommend housing, routers or anything else that might be useful?

There is a cable line a few feet away so I don’t think I will have a problem with the cable company running a line for the internet. I guess they would have to set up a new address for the sign.

Thanks in advance for any help, suggestions.

They have already agreed to paying a monthy bill. The meter/breaker for the sign is mounted on the sign itself. There is no clubhouse. Im just wondering if there is some weatherproof box that the compenents will survive in.


Cable Modem


All mounted outside in some type of enclosure.

Ok. Two questions then (in no particular order):

  1. What part of the country are we talking about?
  2. What country are we talking about?

Georgia, United States

Maybe something in this discussion can help?

Look anywhere along a highway and you'll see stainless weather-tight enclosures either mounted on poles, as pedestals, or even in the base of light-poles. Look at products from Hoffman - search for 'Hoffman NEMA enclosures'. Can be stainless, aluminum, painted or not, ABS plastic. Even though Georgia might be considered a mild climate, consider adding a fan for cooling and humidity control. Interior of cabinet can be customized with mounting options for your hardware. You can start here: Welcome to nVent HOFFMAN

I know of a number of integrators that have run indoor gear in outdoor enclosures for years. Including things I never would have put in there. Just make sure the enclosure is maintained regularly, check for signs of condensation, check the heater/cooler, weather seals, etc.

The Hoffman NEMA enclosure is a good idea. L-com also sells heated/cooled non-metallic enclosures with power built in. And despite being in Georgia, I do recommend the heater, even if it's rarely used. Chances are heat from the equipment will keep it warm enough but better safe than sorry.

Now you just need the physically smallest DVR you can find. I recommend this one here, it's mounted in an enclosure, which means you can remove the components and remount it in whatever box you come up with. Most of the size of a DVR is the case housing, after all.

Another option is this one, which is not only tiny but designed for a very wide tempurature range. The only drawback to that one is the SD card recording, which means you're stuck with relatively short recording times (only 32GB SD cards are recommended, and only from Transcend and Sandisk are tested, according to the manual).

Thanks for all the great suggestions. I have a starting point now!

I couldnt find a weatherproof DVR with room for a cable modem for under $2000. I ended up building my own system. Cost me about $700 in parts for 4 Channel 960h DVR, 1 TB HD, 10" monitor, Nema Rated 3R Rated Enclosure with dual cooling fans.

This seems to me to be an opportunity for an edge based solution . Include a ubiquiti 2.4 50 dollar nana station with dual Ethernet interfaces for local wifi access or use 900 MHz or 2.4 ghz radios for non line of site point to point access. Use an sdxc solution and set motion recording. See ipvm articles on lpr capture (low cost?) and edge recording tests. Good options include Bosch advantage cameras, axis companion, or exacq edge (isd, axis, vivotek, iqeye). Hikvision is also low cost option.