Suggestions For A Stand Alone Machine Monitoring Camera/Monitor, Preferably Hi Def

Industrial application, don't need recording, but machine operator working from front side of large machine needs to be able to view a camera mounted on the rear side of the machine, about 75' away.

SD analog would be obviously the easiest, but wondered if there were a Hi Def option without buying a bunch of equipment.

Thanks in advance

TVI camera connected to TVI DVR plus monitor

Can't beat price

TVI camera connected to TVI monitor

TVI Monitor cost more then dvr and reg comp monitor

yes/no ?


I'm not a dealer, so I don't know the price, but they don't look especially pricey.

Take a look.

Hik DVR is probably the best way to go regardless, sooner or later somebody is going to want to record or have another camera, so...

I just searched TVI monitors and most appear to be small test monitors in the 7" range. I would probably go with a ~20" monitor mounted to a pole suspended from ceiling struts so as not to have any cables touching the floor. Could mount a mini NVR/DVR to the back of the monitor. Guess it would be a simple HDMI from the DVR to the Monitor. Any suggestions on low costs small footprint models for this purpose?

HIK 4 ch DVR

about $80-90 or less

If high speed production is involved, may need high fps, like Basler

High frame rate is not needed, mainly just to see if a jam or other malfunction occurs near the rear of machine which is not easily accessible.

I know it is an "older" standard, but have you considered HD-SDI. You can get an HD-SDI to HDMI adapter. This allows you to connect camera coax > adapter > HDMI > monitor. Simple plug and play Full HD solution.

How about a trip to SAMs Club for an EZWiZ? Put 4 cameras and just add soup mix.