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Suggestions For A Solid Dvr/Hd-Analog Solution

Ok, so I just started helping a large client, lots and lots of different locations with all sorts of different recorders. Everfocus, ISIS (korean company? bad name choice now) Dedicated Micros, Samsung, Vitek, Vocon, the list goes on and on.

Can you recommend a reliable DVR, remote interface is not really an issue - its not allowed to put the locations on a remote setting or client. They are interested in the HD analog, HD-CVI route, and I wanted to find a good solution they could standardize on. HikVision was a possibility - however I wonder about servicing units from China and thier reliability. Digital Watchdog is one I have used in the past that seemed decent. Price is definitely a driver (I dont have to go bargain basement, but I don't think I will be able to sell them Exacq or Salient Hybrid NVRS either). Does anyone have a recommendation on 8 channel or 16 channel DVRs that are both reliable and come from a decent name in the CCTV industry?

I think you mean IDIS :) But that did make me laugh!

If it has to be analog HD, there are not a lot of options right. Hikvision and Dahua are the 'high end' of those recorders but that' because it's so early.

Let me ask DW if they are doing anything right now with analog HD. I didn't recall them but maybe that is something they are adding.

Problem though is that even many Western analog HD DVRs are just going to be re-labels of Chinese ones so, at that point, you might as well stick with Dahua and Hikvision.


IDIS looks better than what I saw. I think I saw this.

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Digital Watchdog says they will have AHD cameras and recorders in April (next month).

As background, AHD is based on Korean chip manufacturer Nextchip. When DW launches, they will be one of if not the most reputable brands with AHD. Most of the AHD early entrants were no-brand or worse companies (e.g., see Testing Analog HD).

One obvious complication is that if you use DW AHD DVRs, you will not be able to use HDCVI or HDCVI cameras (background - HD Analog vs IP Tutorial).

I have had good sucess with LTS TVI Hikviision made Product. I have a few dozen units out with zero issues. I Tried Unix EyeMax branded Dahua CVI stuff early on and got my a$$ handed to me. Had to replace every camera in the 1st 3 weeks. 6 service calls to client.

I work for FLIR.

As John has pointed out we have relationships with Dahua and others. We have a limited line of CVI which is expanding before ISC, on the same platform as our IP PoE NVR's to share programming knowledge / apps / software. IMHO as others say, I believe CVI and TVI are the paths to HD over Coax. The ability to program the camera, move PTZ's and send Audio both ways over a single coax exceeds what I believe AHD does. Today we have 4 to 16 channel 720P at 30IPS or 1080P at 15IPS. That is changing on the camera and recorder side.

How does your DVR capabilities compare to Dahua DVRs? Same? Mostly the same? Radically different? If the later, any videos that shows what the difference are?


I haven't sat in front of an actual Dahua unit so I couldn't say exactly and my Chinese is a little weak. I doubt the actual front end, SmartPSS and APPS are drastically different, having seen the Honeywell and Nelly's versions. If you would like video's just let me know which events you would like captured and I will do what I can to provide them by the end of the week as I have been extensively travelling to support our distribution channel and dealers.

Where I can see a difference is the size and backing of the manufacturer supplying and supporting the products, the work we do to make sure compatibility if followed on several levels, including cameras and then there is the added firmware, software and features currently released and planned through the FLIR CLOUD interface. Right now it's primarily the Quick Connect function, but unique web functionality will be shown at this ISC and were previewed by Ethan at the last ISC.

I have a dealer who uses FLIR in the US and Dahua in his installation company in another country.

There must be a reason because he clearly has access to both.

I normally don't plug my products on this site, but it appeared to be a call to do just that by the OP.


We’ve upgraded 6 analog systems to Hikvisions HDTVI over the past month and have had a lot of success.

We upgraded to the Hikvision Turbo machines. I would say the same. Their HD cameras are really good, but according to everything I read, you have to use their recorder. We have only used that combination. But Greg's is worth a look.

Greg's recorders (CVI) don't work with Hikvision HDTVI cameras.

Welcome to the wonderful world of analog HD incompatibility...

Background: HD Analog vs IP Tutorial

I should first say they are not "Greg's recorders" and I would also state that I see a benefit to the overall industry with both TVI and CVI. I don't see them as "BetaMax and VHS" as many do. The products are specified, marketed, quality controlled and supported by FLIR.

I have always believed the selection of a product for an end user / integrator / dealer should be based on many aspects and I have seen examples of that in these posts. What is right for one end user isn't for another or there would only be one manufacturer.

I don't believe the decision point is TVI or CVI, it's the entire solution which encomapsses support, features, availability, reliability, capabilites and so much more. The last part of the decision is TVI or CVI in my humble opinion because they both are a huge enhancement over analog and will extend the life of thousands of miles of coax that hasn't been converted to IP yet.

Pick your horse and rider, not the outfit they are wearing.

Knowledge is power and that's why I check this site every few hours.

I personally think a little analog system compatibilty confusion in the industry is the best thing that could happen. It will weed out the electricians, atm guys and anyone else who thinks they are an expert and vidoeo surveillance will become less of a comodity item bring it on.

I'm guessing you're not a big fan of ONVIF?

Because confusion and non-interoperability is profitable?

Your average business owner isnt going to figure out how to deploy a IP system. Plug and play is idiot proof. Maybe you dont earn a living in this industry. It would be like a DIY filling kit for cavities if you were a dentist. I can mix concrete but my company isnt surveillance cameras and masonry.

Have you used any of the recent Hik or Dahua nvr's with embedded poe switch? (This video is actually a value-added Dahua from FLIR. This video is some of the value-add.)

As long as used with their own cameras, which your average customer typically would, they are arguably just as easy to setup as the analog hd ones, and only one cable per camera. Auto discovery of their own cameras and no camera config required. The hardest part to config is the outbound ip side, but you have that with either system.

And average business owners are more comfortable everyday with IP, due to things like home routers and mobile devices that use IP.

Maybe you were just venting, that's fine if so. Otherwise it would seem hypocritical to wish there was more device incompatibility in the world, unless you never use a PC or a 3G network or a big screen HDMI TV...