Suggestion: IPVM Should Provide Templates For IP Camera Leases, Service, And Remote Monitoring

I recently looked online for samples of contracts that I could purchase for:

  • alarm installation, service, lease and monitoring
  • camera installation, service, lease, and monitoring
  • access control installation, service, lease

I found a great resource:

My thoughts are that IPVM should consider adding templates available for download.

Your thoughts?


Those are contracts and we are not lawyers so it is no something we would do ourselves alone. It could be something we look into partnering with Kischenbaum or others who provide such contracts.

John is right as it is something that requires input from specialist lawyers. The main issues are

a. that such templates require constant update as case law develops & statutes change

b. the geographic spread of members also means one set does not suit all. In order to service all members, templates for each country may be required.

c. does IPVM have any liability if a members relying on the templates gets sued??

These can be a costly item to provide. We have seem some bodies charge a small fee for access to the templates so that costs can be recovered & updates maintained.

I would be very happy to contribute up to a few hundred dollars, if a suitable set of Australianised templates were available

I wasn't suggesting the templates be included into the IPVM fee. The templates would be supplied by a 3rd party and IPVM members could download via IPVM at a cost. The fact that IPVM has thousands of members would provide economies of scale pricing (20 percent off or similar). Plus it adds even more value to the IPVM membership.

I reached out to Ken about partnering with IPVM to resell contracts on our website and he replied with the following:

Our contracts are trademarked, copyrighted, updated regularly and constitute legal work. You cannot sell them. You, like lots of other vendors in the alarm industry serving dealers, can recommend them.

You, like lots of other vendors in the alarm industry...

I see Ken has a good grasp of the security landscape.

Can you name the other companies / people that specialize in contracts besides Kischenbaum?