Suggestion: Camera Configurator Challenge!

Would anybody find it interesting to compete for a 'Best Picture' award?

The basic idea would be, given a few constraints, as bit-rate/storage, and certain requirements, motion in scene, day-nite, LPR etc, who could configure a camera on the IPVM test bed to acheive the best overall picture possible?

Technology permitting, contestants could get access to the camera, make their changes, save their config and clips, and then have them voted on by the members at large.

John, at one time you had mentioned opening up access for members to an online lab; if you are still on the fence regarding that, this might be a way to get a sense of the interest and obstacles involved with less effort than putting hundreds of cameras up for thousands of people.

It would also be a way to see how much better an image one can obtain manually over that of the manufacturer's default settings.

We still want and are planning to do an online camera lab.

However, for purposes of this, it would be a lot simpler to manage if someone takes their own camera and shows a 'before' and 'after', i.e., default and then with whatever setting changes they made.

How about just letting the representative manufacturers into the camera setup after an IPVM Shootout, to tweak their image as best they can?

I wonder if they would actually take you up on it; then if they lose its harder to ignore or make excuses...

I look forward to nitpicking.