Strongly Considering Hikvision 5200 In 2,000+ Camera Municipal Project

I am working on a large scale Municipal project involving 2000+ cameras. We are strongly considering 5200 due to the excellent feedback we have received from other localities and the engineering support behind Hikvision. We have deployed several of the higher end 128 channel machines with excellent results. Hikvision support for the products across the board has been 'remarkable'. We have deployed around 900+ IP cameras so far with '1' failure over the last 18 months. The technical support is first class, we have a local corporate tech in our immediate area to help the Integrator with any issues they cannot resolve. You can knock the Chinese all you want, there are some bad apples, but HIKVISION is not one of them.

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Consider the long term risks and ramifications of this. It's not an issue of supporting it today. It's an issue of supporting it in 2024 and beyond. A 2000+ system is a big project.

You're betting that in the next 5 - 10 years, there will be no increased concerns about the company's Chinese government ownership, that the Chinese economy will not have a major correction, that Hikvision can continue to delivering this expensive local service despite selling things at rock bottom prices.

I understand it's tempting now but keep the long term in mind.

Then again betting against the possibility that one or more of the Chinese manufacturers finally releases a competitive, high end product; which disrupts the VMS market in the same way as the camera market, might be risky as well.

I can't think of one China based software company in any industry that is dominant. Its more likely they will aquire a western company to gain competency in this industry.