Strip Clubs And Hdcctv Case Study

Oh Todd!

"I just took a call from a pair of CCTV technicians installing HD video surveillance equipment at a gentleman's club in New Jersey."

It's an interesting case of what goes wrong and who's to blame. See the original discussion.

Those guys just wanted an excuse to go back for additional service calls...

^Excellent point :)

sounds like there were distracted by the nature of the business.

Yeah, Marty and Carl are giving him the one - two.

The heart of the manner, even as explained by Todd is simple: "It turns out that the DVR expects 1080i60 inputs, whereas HDcctv-compliant cameras produce progressive-scan video (e.g., 720p30, 720p60, or 1080p30)."

And the reasonable counter-argument is that the techs should have been able to read the spec sheet, manual and/or bench test it without having to call the HDcctv executive director half way around the Earth.

I see Rocky's getting no love... can't wait for Craig to step up and offer a deeply obfuscated analysis of the whole thing.