Street Light Power Tap Adapter - Where To Get Information On These

Anyone know where to purchase these? I can't seem to find them outside of the CISCO unit.

General reference on this topic: Surveillance Cameras on Light Poles Tutorial

When I was an integrator we used Fisher Pierce OWLs.

Much better than a Fisher PRICE Owl.

You might also be able to use a (inexpensive) step down transformer. You specify them based on the input voltage of the lights -single phase- (ie: 277VAC) down to standard service voltages (ie: 120VAC).

Like this one: 277 - 120 V Step Down Transformer

You then connect your low-voltage power supplies to that source.

Solis Energy has them, In our area, at least, the streetlights are 120 Volt.

Thank you all! I will start checking these out and John, thanks for the tutorial!