Strange Camera Calculation For 30 MP Avigilon Camera

The angle of view seems way too narrow, I think the sensor size its using may be wrong.

Does anyone agree/disagree?

It is wrong. Known bug.

It is on the short term list of things to fix.

Cause of the bug is that the calculator uses the imager size set before selecting the camera, instead of the imager size of the camera itself. This only impacts cameras without integrated lenses (like Avigilon 7K), otherwise we use the predefined AoV range.

The workaround, until we fix it in the next week is to set the imager size first and then pick the camera.

Thanks. Related is there a reason that some resolutions are not available in the drop down, but are used when a model is selected?

Is it just to stop clutter in the drop down?

In this case for instance, I was unable to do the calculation manually even knowing the proper imager size because the res was unavailable.

It is to stop clutter because there are a few dozen resolution options, most not commonly used.

You should be able to do the calculation manually.

(1) Choose the imager size (for the 7K, I believe it's 35mm).

(2) Go to the model selector, pick the 30L model, the AoV will reflect a 35mm sensor.

This is fixed.

For the example above with the Avigilon 7K with a 12mm lens, it now shows:

Note: you may need to hard reload / refresh to get updated version.

Btw, it will now reflect the imager size for any camera in the calculator with an imager size listed. It will also show it on the model overview, i.e.: