Store And Forward Rules On IP Camera

A customer wants to install a camera in some of the higher risk parts of his truck fleet, especially the heavy excavator transporters.

Facing out the back of the cab towards the deck & load.

Cellular data is expensive, so streaming is not feasible.

Recording to the camera's onboard SD card is straightforward, many cameras offer it.

However, we'd like the camera to recognise the yard wifi on it's return, then upload all the video content to the NVR - NX Witness in this case. Then clear the card ready for next trip. Seamless, low intervention, automagic.

Bonus if camera can upload 1 frame per X mins via cellular.

A rules engine would offer the best flexibility, better than a camera manufacturer trying to think of all the permutations.

Are there any cameras that offer this feature?

Has anyone got something like this in operation?

What are the issues & challenges?

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