Recommendations For 64 Cameras / 120TB Storage


I am looking for a solution for 64 Onvif IP Cameras of 2 MP for 3 Month Recording Backup on full frame rate,

our requirements are more than 120 TB Storage, any recommendation for storage, we are not using any analytic,

VMS is Luxriot.


Ammad Zafar Siddiqui

Full frame rate (30fps)? 24/7?

If so, you will need much more storage.

What is the application?

mentioned all the details.

VMS is Luxriot.

You will need 600-700TB of storage based on 24/7 at 30fps, going 90 days. (Maybe a bit less if using Axis Zipstream cameras)

What are you assuming for average bit rate per camera?

Why do you think it would just be 'a bit less' if using Axis Zipstream cameras? Do your test results differ from ours that show Zipstream might be 3x to 4x less?

Sorry, John. Didn't look at Axis/Zipstream--"bit" was bad qualifier--just mentioning it would be less. Not doubting your results...

Lets assume an average bit rate of 5Mbits for the 2M camera (30FPS @ 1080p)...which will vary depending on many factors...but just for this exercise.

With 64 of these you will have a total input bit rate of 320Mbits/sec.

With 24/7 and 100% percent recording... you have 3.375 TBytes/ 90 days this is a little more than 300TB.

If this has a backup repository...then 600TB total will be needed.

Somebody used a motion factor of 40% along the way to come up with 120TB.... OR they used a very low bit rate for the 2M camera feed.... which of course means a low quality stream.

are all these cameras in one location or multiple? what kind of network and connectivity are provisioned? what kind of features are required for the backed up data and how frequently will it be accessed?

All Cameras are connected on Gigabit LAN separately deployed for CCTV at a Single Location.

I have a system with a similar build to this!

Main Unit - Lenovo Thinkserver RD650 (70D00025UX)

Attached Storage - ThinkServer SA120 (no model number on me, sorry)

RAID Card - LSI9280-8e 6Gb SAS RAID

Extra CPU - Intel Xeon E5-2630 v3 (8-core)

Extra Memory - 3x 8GB stick, 16GB storage for each

Operating System - Windows Server 2012 R2

Hard Drives - 6TB WD Se drives, SATA for the main unit, 4TB SAS for the DAS

Multiple servers can be used to decrease some costs, but this will give you a good handle on the build.

Luxriot also builds their own servers if you live in the US. The warranty seems to be reasonable.

As you are using Luxriot SW, I assume that you already have used their online calculator regarding minimum technical requirements.

I understand that the main problem is the storage capacity. There are several manufacturers of multiple HDD rackmount cabinets with room for more than enough HDDs.

Here you have some companies using such cabinets:

You can get cabinets like these from manufacturers in Taiwan and China. Focus on the swap bay cabinets.

I'll leave you more info on your Company facebook profile.

Rgds from a non-luxriot user in Norway