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Stay With Exacq Or Move To Video Insight (For Free)?

My current Exacqvision server is in need of replacement due to age.  Buying the physical hardware for the new server is no big deal but I have been taking a look at different VMS.  Video Insight has made a deal with me that I can move ALL of my existing cameras (36 Samsung cameras) to their VMS for free.


The yearly cost of Exacq is not an issue for me so lets pretend both systems cost the same amount of money.  I would be curious what you guys would do?  Stick with Exacq or migrate to Video Insight?  

Stick with Exacq, its still a sweet product, and uses a whole lot less horsepower. Transfer the licenses ($75.00) build yourself a new box and keep on going. 

Have you tested Video Insights software to see if you like it?

I have.  It is fine.  Nothing I can find that makes it stand out.  It is compatible with more cameras than Exacq but it is not like I buy a bunch of different camera makes/models.

Exacq. Hands down.

its not bad and if it is free i would go with it. Despite the Exacq shillary I dont see very much difference between the two besides licensing models and interface.

although if its just for 36 cameras seems like overkill for a enterprise VMS like VI

Video Insight could not pay me enough money to move from Exacq to Video Insight, unless it was enough to turn right back around and rip it out and install Exacq all over again and still have money left in my pocket.


Beast of Free always need time and skill to maintain....
Tried Video insight before. Not quite user friendly.

My two cents...While Video Insight has made progress since I last used it, in my recent demos of it I didn't see anything completing to switch to it.   I'd do the lic transfer and one time upgrade to latest Exacq version if it isn't current and run with that.  While the camera license cost may be free with VI for this switch, you would need to spend more on a bigger performance server for it.  In my experience the hardware requirements for VI to run smoothly are bigger than Exacq's. 

The tech support I received from Exacq was great. I have 100 cameras. While the software runs great. The Exacq server is another issue... Exacq runs well on Dell products. 

You know what Exacq brings to the table. I would give Video Insight a try!!! Your Exacq license would still be good if you don't like it. 

Don't move to VI, we used them for a while and had a terrible experience. From sales support to software UI, we were not happy our customer were not happy. Going back to the handful of sites we installed VI on and upgrading those customers for free to something else...that being said if you really want to go with VI I'll sell you some licenses. 

Thanks for everyone's advice.  I think I will stick with Exacq.  Time to build a new server.  Probably going to build an R620.  Dual CPUs, 16/32GB ram, quad port 1GB or dual port 10GB nic, and a bunch of HDD in RAID 10.


I know, overkill for 35-40 cameras.

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