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Geovision In The US Market?

Hello all,

I used to sell Geovision frequently are a previous employer during 2005-2010. Primarily we pushed a lot of DVRs/Hybrid NVRs with their capture cards to K-12 customers with 64-128 channels. I believe their VMS was just being introduced around this time. I always had good luck with their product and the price point always compared favorably to Pelco, which was dominant in the market at the time. Seeing as how they have significantly expanded their IP surveillance, VMS, and access control lines is Geovision making a dent in the US market? Is anyone actively marketing this on a larger scale, non-gas station scenario?

I saw they had a decent presence and presentation at ISC West compared to the last time I went in 2009, which is why I ask. I know they're fairly popular overseas but in my local region we were one of 2 or 3 companies pushing the product at any significantly sized sites.

Thank you for the feedback.

I rarely hear about integrators using Geovision in the US. I also rarely hear/see Geovision marketing / selling in the US. I suspect those 2 are related.

That said, their products have gotten more interesting over the last few years, e.g., see: Testing Geovision MP License Plate Camera, Testing Geovision Mini IR Camera, Geovision Super Low Lux Minidome Tested