Startup: Sound Cannon In Your Home

This might be the best or most crazy security idea since The Pepper-Spraying Camera.

A startup is developing a sound cannon for your home. The idea is that the burglar tries to break in but the sound cannon goes off, either scaring him, overpowering him, confusing me, etc.

The ADELL burglar deterring device is now running as a Kickstarter campaign.

Here is their audio sample:

Some key specs they are claiming:

  • Acoustic pressure up to 127/128 dB(A)
  • Sound generator of audible hearable acoustic signal from 2 to 5 kHz
  • Function time min. 30 minutes
  • Ability to be switched by a signal/ contact from (an external) sensing device

What do you think? Insane? Interesting?

Well, I made it through 5 seconds of that sound before I had to turn it off, at low volume. So good job, ADELL.

I demand a test.

That was my first thought when I saw this!

I once installed five high powered sirens with heavy duty siren drivers and six different LED strobe lights in the entranceway of a pharmacy. It was a split level, with lots of brickwork and glass and other hard surfaces- lots of echoes, in other words. It was LOUD, and it was bright. The idea was to terrify any would-be thief into running away.

I don't know what effect it had on thieves but it sure terrified me.

When I was growing up, a neighbor's house had externally wired horns tied to the burglar alarm. One time they left for a vacation, and the horns started going off (false alarm?) All the dogs started howling, babies started crying, and everyone just got really angry.

Anyway, after two hours my dad had enough. He broke into their house to stop the noise (pushed the overhead door off the track), and eventually did by disconnecting the power. Peace returned.

The neighbors returned from vacation days later, they apologized to everyone, and I don't think they ever armed it again.

TL/DR: My dad broke into a locked house to stop the burglar alarm.

They have raised $26 in 12 days so far.

I got this spammed to me today:

Protect yourself from dangerous dogs while cycling, walking, jogging, etc. the humane way with "Scram Patrol", the sonic animal chaser.


  • This animal chaser has an effective range up to 20 feet (about 7 meters) with a prime operating range of 5 to 6 feet.
  • It produces a 25 KHz frequency sound that the human ear can not detect yet is extremely discomforting to animals.
  • It is able to repel vicious dogs (can also be used to repel cats, squirrels and other garden pests) without harming them.
  • To make sure you are pointing the chaser at the right place it has a built-in laser sight.

The reviews on Amazon are dismal, but the idea of pulling the trigger and drenching a vicious animal with soundwaves means the human version can't be far behind, right?

the idea of pulling the trigger and drenching a vicious animal with soundwaves means the human version can't be far behind, right?

Not far at all. 20kHz - 195dB trigger activated Super Sonic Drencher mentioned here.

What's next, an embedded guard dog with every security system you buy at Home Depot?

Sounds like somebodys ex. Not mine, of course, somone else.

Update: In 2 months, this raised just $250.

Now, the founder is running a new Indiegogo campaign marketing it as "the home defense nonlethal acoustic wall"