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10MP Camera Options?

Does anyone have any experience with Stardot 10 MP cameras? I have a customer who adamantly wants to test a 10 MP camera. I've had a ton of issues with Arecont in the past so I'd rather not go down that path. The site is a mall and it would be just inside the entry/exit door pointed away from the door.

Jason, we've used the Stardot 5MP cameras a few years but have not tested nor considered them recently (We rarely even hear integrators mention them). Their 5MP cameras seemed fine.

I am trying to think of who else is out there. Obviously there is Avigilon's PRO series but those work only with Avigilon's VMS and are much more expensive than Stardot or Arecont.

Sentry360 has a 14MP conventional IP camera.

I don't know of any of the big brands offering 10MP - nothing from Axis, Bosch, Panasonic, Pelco, Sony, etc. Btw, I think you'll start seeing a lot of 12MP cameras later this year, like the upcoming Ultra HD Bosch.

Thanks for the info John. For what they are trying to do it's extreme over kill but they are pretty adamant about it and the Sales person wants to get it to them if we can.

Btw, Stardot is not listed as ONVIF conformant so be careful that the 10MP version works with whatever VMS you are going to use. Since not a lot of people use Stardot (especially the newer 10MP one), I could easily integration becoming a problem.

Jason/John: our 10MP is also a viable option in addition to our new 14MP. We have some un published tutorial videos that show it working in several VMS partners platforms. We always recommend direct driver support in lue of onvif only support but as profile s continues its integration adoption it will be a much more stable option. May I ask which VMS is in place for this application?

Exacqvision. I completely agree with ONVIF, we've stayed away from it.

Fyi, we've had increasingly good results using Exacq with various ONVIF only cameras.

Jason, we have a 10MP StarDot camera on our demo server using a direct driver, not ONVIF. Feel free to connect your exacqVision client to it if you'd like to evaluate it.

Thank you Scott, that was actually one of the first things I did. That camera is outside though so it has great lighting. This application is indoors with many type of lighting.

Are you looking for a wide angle view or are you putting a long range verification lens on the camera?

John H, have you guys ever tested the Arecont 10mp with a high quality lens?

I've demoed the 10mp in the past with low quality glass and I was not impressed. Maybe this lens UHD45-10 could improve the image clarity?

Jon, we tested the original Arecont 10MP back in 2010. We'd be interested in doing a test of the new one.

The lens remains a key factor / issue. I took a look at the UDH4510 you mentioned but it's not clear how high quality the lens is. There's no real specification or details about the lp/mm or the mtf of the lens. Moreover, it only costs $200 - $250 so it's hard to believe that it's much higher quality than mainstream HD lens which cost ~$150. Also, the lens is F/1.8 - combining that with a 10MP 1/2.3' camera is almost certainly going to result in terrible low light performance.

Compare to this discussion on 10MP+ lens options where the lenses are far more expensive.

This is a wide angle application. I agree the higher the MP the better your lens better be or your video quality is not going to be where it should be.

Just wanted to throw in, we've used Startdots 5 and 10MP cameras with Exacqvision. Have had no issues or problems, no problem recommending Stardot. Our applications have been outside with them, low light on the 10 in particular suffers as noted above.

Thanks Scott. I did receive a 10MP camera for testing from one of our Distributors. I am only getting 1-2 ips in 10MP mode though. I'm sure it's something I'm doing wrong I just haven't had time to dedicate to working on it.

Im looking for a high quality 10 Mega or higher.

So instead of posting a new question, I thought it would be interesting to pick up on the trail of this old discussion, and see what has changed in 1 year.

Who has them now? Im aware of Arecont, Sentry 360, and acti (avigilon have higher) anyone else?

What’s the highest FPS in 10 meg resolution (real life- not the spec sheet listing)


Nidal, the big shift in the past year has been 4K cameras. Many 4K cameras support 12MP max resolution (4K / 8.3MP is 16:9 but the 4:3 imager supports 12MP). Those cameras are typically spec'ing max frame rate for 12MP at 10 to 15fps.

Most vendors are coming out with 4K cameras so I'd focus there (presuming 12MP is ok for you).

Btw, related, I don't recall any major 10MP releases in the last year (save for ACTi) as the manufacturers appear to be focused on 4K / 12MP.