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Anti-Spider Cameras - Gimmick Or Breakthrough?

Clinton Electronics marketing a camera that deters spiders:

Clever gimmick. But didn't sonic pest repellents get debunked a long time ago?

That's interesting and thanks for sharing.

It is worth mentioning that similar 'anti-spider whistles' on Amazon have almost as many negative review than positive.

What camera options do they have with 'anti-spider technology'? I only found 1 analog bullet camera - CE-B707.

John, I didn't do further research on camera options. No interest from my corner!!

These cameras from Clinton (under different model numbers perhaps) have been around for years but it's always been limited too 1 or 2 models. Makes me wonder whether A) it truly works B) these cameras are popular. I would assume that if it work well they would have expanded the solution too more camera models because it is a useful function if it truly works as marketed