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Specifying High Quality UTP Cat5e - 'Dont Want China Made'

Is there a way in specifying a high quality utp cat5e cable without mentioning its country of origin? I dont want a china made..

Why not just say "no cables from offshore manufacturers" or "no cable from China"? When you're specing things to your preferences, you can be specific.

You could also pick say 5 or 6 brands that are acceptable "All cables must be rated Cat5E or better, and be from one of the following companies: CableCo1, CableCo2, etc."

Or have wording that says "cables as-installed must pass a certification test done with a Fluke ABC (or approved equivalent), with certification tests and printouts supplied at job completion. Any cables that do not pass a (customer-performed) certification audit up to 365 days later will be repaired or replaced at Contractors cost."

We are not allowed to state specific country. Btw regarding fluke testing(?) Is this would make additional cost to us (end user)?

Quality low voltage Integrators will have the Fluke Tester. If you do testing though, you need the proper language.

Use language like this further below. Also make sure it is truly UL listed, ETL certified and RoHS compliant. I would check the premium lines of 5e from quality manufacturers like General, Systimax/CommScope, Belden, Berk-Tek and Superior Essex and choose the maximum or minimum margin that you will accept for each electrical characteristc test. This will leave room for various quality certified integrators to bid their main brands. I would also make sure to add a 20 or 25 year application warranty. To do this, they would need quality connectivity to go with the cable (Like Ortronics, Panduit, CommScope/Systimax Belden, and etc..

"must pass factory tests with a minimum of margin of 3dB for ACRF & PSACRF, 5 dB for NEXT & ACR and 6dB of margin for PSNEXT & PSACR beyond the CAT 5e standard" - Berk-Tek example

Use language like what is written here in the 25 Year Warranty using Ortonics connectivity and Supperior Essex Cable. Most Connectivity manufacturers have these resources if you visit their sites. A few cable manufacturers do, but they are mainly 15 year. Usually they have a partnership with a connectivity manufacturer for a 20-25 year warranty.

You could ask for cable manufactured in TAA Compliant Countries.