Sorry Salesman Try To Sell To Each Other

LinkedIn discussions have really really declined in quality (and even frequency). They are mainly left with people who know little about security or sales people who have few leads and lots of free time.

But this recent discussion really takes the cake.

It starts with the President of Viaas, a struggling VSaaS company, reduced to booth babes at ASIS 2013 to get attention. Here, he shares an absurd market 'research' report under the title of "Growing preference for VSaaS."

Who is the first person to respond? Long time members will guess it - Todd Rockoff, the industry's worst marketer and chairman of the collapsing HDcctv 'Alliance'.

What ensues is a silly back and forth between the two of them trying to convince each other that their competing approaches is better.

I guess in the old days, struggling companies would fade out of memory, now they debate each online to no end...