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Trying To Get A Sony PTZ Working

Im having trouble finding the drivers for some sony cameras to get the ptz working. anyone know some sites I could check out to try and find these. I'm kinda new at this.

Hi Bufford,

What model of Sony PTZ?

What kind of drivers are you looking for?

Are you getting errors or is the PTZ just not working?

Why do you think that you need some drivers to get the PTZ working? (serious question - not just being a dick)

The request sounds strange as 'drivers' are not something you usually need to look for separately if using a VMS (and the VMS has an updated driver pack installed that integrates with your Sony PTZ model.

Adding on to Marty's response, are you looking to control the PTZ via the camera's web interface or via a VMS? If a VMS, which VMS?

And adding on to John's response, is it possible that you are looking to control a non-ip based ptz via rs485?

If so, are trying to use a particular video encoder? Some mfrs require seperate driver downloads for each ptz mfr.

For instance several Sony PTZ drivers for Axis encoders can be found here.

Also, if your new at it or unsure where the failure is in the system it can be useful to pick up a cctv/rs485 test tool, to help isolate the fault.

If your ptz is IP based(if it has no analog video out, but has an ethernet jack) then disregard this information and consider yourself lucky you don't have to deal with it...

Thanks for the help, sorry about the lack of information in the post. Im really new to this. The problem is I have 2 coax cameras that Im not able to move and Im unable to determine exactly what model they are. They're mounted basicly at the top of a two story building. They were connected to an axis 2410 video server and controlled by an alltel keyboard before. Now they've been moved to an axis p7214 and the keyboards no longer powered. when I found them the video server had been disconnected by some painters and was just sitting on the ceiling tile with the power adaptor missing. When going to the web interface of the p7214 it asks for a driver to control it. The cameras are also viewed in viewcommander v5 but also has no control of them. Any tips or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

The cameras have external power, after some digging Im guessing my best bet would be to reboot the cameras and have someone record the information as it pops up.


It sounds like they are non-ip analog ptzs (see my post above), can you provide the ptz model number to confirm?

The only explicit link given on axis' site for p7214 sony drivers is this this one, (you will need to create a login at axis for this link to work), though its probably not the right model number; it may work anyway.

When you say the cameras are connected to the p7214 are you sure they are connected for rs485(ptz control) as well as coax?

RS485 is a serial protocol used to control, among other things, PTZ domes. Their has to be a minimum of two wires to the camera, in addition to the coax going to them that could be connected various ways to the equipment you described.

Do you see any extra wires going to the cameras besides coax and power? (These multiple wires could be combined a multicore cable, so look closely at the terminations).

If the ptzs are in close proximity they are possibly 'daisy chained' together...

Ultimately I'm guessing you want to control them from the alltell thru viewcommander via maybe rs232 with a rs485 adapter?

It can be tricky to do, do you have any exp. with troubleshooting serial comm?

p.s. Some cameras can embed rs485 signsls on coax but I doubt it in this case...