Sony Ipela Fogging Up Issue

I have customer who is complaining about sony impela rx series camera with pressurized housing un1-opl7c2.There is condensation in unit and pressure is still present .Has anyone had issue with this? Is it possible a focus issue?

It's nitrogen pressurized to 7 psi, is that correct? Have you seen it yourself or have an image? Could it be on the outside of the dome?

yes nitrogen unit outside dome has a tire pressure fitting on it. i didn't work on it myself,fellow tech called me and inquired about fog issue.

Gerald, I just emailed you contact info for a Sony engineer who can help.

ok john thanks ...can always depend on you :)

As a side note, just because it has 7lbs of pressure it doesn't mean it been purged properly with nitrogen. It's a long process to properly purge a camera if it's been opened. Is there a humidity sensor in the unit, visible from the outside? Sometimes they come that way.