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Chrome And VMS Settings Causing Default Password To Not Change On Sony Cameras

We have recently taken over a client who has some Sony IP cameras.  We are in the process of changing the defualt passwords for all cameras.  We have found that even after we change the default administrator password the Sony default password still works???  We have not contacted Sony yet bust just wondering if anyone has run into this. 


Thank you, 

I will look into this in the morning and let you know if we have this issue with our cameras.

I looked into this issue today on our VB773 and VB600B, both on the latest firmware and default settings. Both cameras did not allow login with the default password after changing them. Are there any specific settings that were changed so I can attempt to recreate this?

We have also reached out to Sony to see if anyone can help with your issue.

Thank you Rob for looking into that.  You are correct.  We did verify that it does change correctly.  Our technician was using Chrome and didnt realize 2 things

1. The password was not actually changing using chrome

2. This particular VMS changes the password through the configuration of the VMS connecting to the camera.  So when you changed the pw in the VMS it was actually updating the camera.  

Both issues together was causing some major confusion.  


Thank you again for confirming.  Much appreciated!

I ran into a similar problem with our Sony cams and password changes.  I've also run into it on older hardware that uses java based web controls like electric meters and door access.  Turns out the only browser that worked was IE (an older version I keep around just in case).  I am guessing ActiveX was the missing link.

Yes.  Unfortunately the Windows 7 version of IE 11 is still very much needed.  Panasonic is another culprit.  Windows 10 IE (not edge) wont even work right with their NVR or Cameras.  Very PAINFUL!!!