EMVA1288 Standard Applicability?

Are any of the European standards (EMVA1288 comes to mind) since it uses a completely different metric than LUX, ever used when checking out new products that come to market in america? Is that a moot point completely?

Marty, my understanding is that this is less a Europe vs America difference, than a machine vision camera vs security camera distinction.

Related, I have not heard any security camera manufacturers use this.

Also, here is the EMVA1288-3.0 spec for those interested.

Thanks John, I have read quite a bit on cameras that are used in other industries and have discovered there is a big difference in quality. The surveillance industry is for lack of a better term 'bottom feeding' compared to some of the components used in high speed manufacturing and other arenas. I subscribe to Vision Design mag also for anyone that might be interested, its free and informative.