Solve The Mystery Of The Stone Mounted Cameras

Ok this is stupid, but bothering me. Look at these two promo shots, the first is from, the second from the last page of a Panasonic catalog. It's obviously the same parking lot. It's almost certainly the same day, based on the exact way that some cars are parked.

But it's not the same image, as you can see various changes, like the gold mini van present in the foreground of the first picture.

Also the angle is different, and they both obscure/reveal different parts of the scene, so one cannot be derivative of the other one.

  • How did this happen?
  • Is this a famous location?
  • Was any camera ever mounted on the wall?
  • Which mount is worse?

Offering mad votes for wild speculation.

Panasonic has made it terribly.

The first one can be a real image but in fact you can add these cameras to any background by your choice :)

Yes, probably real.

Somebody cleaned up the cables, in the first picture.

And Panasonic took out the cameras in the second.


I think this is solved. The first one is from Big Stock, and can be purchased for a few dollars. The second image is clearly photoshopped with Panasonic cameras.