Solutions Or Ideas: Add-On Protection For Bullet Camera

Hi guys.

I have a bullet camera (LPC) installed at an automated exit gate location, mounted on a metal post (about 4' high, 4"x4").

The client asked me to add some type of additional protection around the camera, which typically here is done by creating some sort of cage around it (done in a metal shop prior to the post's installation - see example on the same property - done prior to my system's installation by another company).

I was wondering if there were alternatives to custom metal shops and also something designed for bullet cameras (new LPC) rather than box cameras (old LPC pictures).

Thanks in advance for the feedback!


PS: I realize the protection offered by the setup in the photo is far from perfect but the client likes the idea of having something similar for the exit gate.

What are you trying to protect it from?

Maybe a Cact-eye enclosure? :)

We're looking to protect the camera against people in general. Not that you couldn't spray paint on it or amage it with a stick or metal rod, screwdriver, etc., but it's more meant to protect it against people easily putting their hands on it (which kids or teenagers might be inclined to do as they pass by). The type of enclosure in the picture I've posted canot really protect the camera against someone intent on damaging it.

I've seen that setup with the camera inside a fake saguaro cactus before. Not in the budget here ; ).

Why not suround the camera with real cactus?

There is an HOA near me that has a row of mailboxes near the front gate. They stuck/hid a camera in an empty/extra box. It looks good and is inconspicuous.

Since they are inherently smaller in size, you can always mount one in a larger camera housing. Pelco still makes some good sized housing that would accomodate a Bullet. One that we used to use in the tube camera days would be more than large enough and you can paint them any color(s) you want. There are companies around that make some things that you want. Here is one link is another one that is pretty unique and you can probably make it yourself...Link . Here is one everyone sees all the time...Link . This one is the most unique Link... The cactus is pretty clever too. I don't think you are going to find something like your picture that is off the shelf. That would be a really, really small market. Good Luck!!

Thanks for the links Mark. This bullet camera is actually not that small relatively speaking. It would not fit into a typical box camera housing. The mailbox idea would work except it would stick out visually where it needs to be and the camera needs an open side or some kind of transparent shield to view the scene unimpeded.

And surrouding the camera with real cactus is not really an option as the post it is mounted on (already in place) is near the paved road. That's what pack rats do here though...

I do have some idea as to how to fabricate an enclosure that will mount on a 4x4 metal post. It does not need to be inconspicuous, just protected somewhat. It would be like the "cage" products form one of Mark's links but designed to mount on the metal post. Something a bit inspired by video projector mounts I think.

Anybody knows the type of material used to create the viewing window for the cameras they use on roads and highways?

How big is this bullet exactly?

Assuming it's round you could always put it in a correctly sized steel pipe, maybe even make it look like a stovepipe...

There are some very attractive explosion proof CCTV enclosures that don't look like CCTV enclosures and look more like art. Of course with any camera within easy reach, another camera should have a clear view of the vandal target. After several arrests of the middle school vandals, the kids soon learn to stay clear.

...with any camera within easy reach, another camera should have a clear view of the vandal target.


The camera's dimensions are : 4.02"(W) x 5.80"(H) x 11.63"(L)

The challenge here is the existing 4x4 metal post (same as above picture) and the fact that the camera does not face straight out from the flat surface it is mounted on (so a tube shape would probably not work and mouting the tube or servicing the camera might be difficult?

I think the solution here would probaly have to be customized. Perhaps a type of cage with tabs that would allow it to be mounted on top of the post, with a way to adjust the direction it faces. It would have the shape of a traditional mailbox or rectangular is fine (perhaps cheaper to make).

It would remain open on the side the camera lens faces (though some protective transparent piece would be good. The bottom of the cage would be solid and maybe even the back (used for mounting purposes. The 3-sided see-though portion of the cage needs to be removable for servicing the unit.

Something like that. Certainly not "criminal-proof" but making it more difficult to mess with.

The camera's dimensions are : 4.02"(W) x 5.80"(H) x 11.63"(L)

That seems roughly the same size as the Pelco camera and enclosure in the picture. So it's not round then, either?

Why is it considered a bullet? Because it has a swivel pendant base? Or because it is an outdoor camera that needs no enclosure?

Not being a jerk, sometimes it's not clear to me what the line is.

I'd say go with the fabrication, if you feel comfortable with that.


Given that this is a one-off solution, I'd recommend you look at V.I.T. Products and find one of the smaller enclosure and modify this for your needs. Custom Machine shop projects with a good one can be very expensive