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Solutions For HD Over Coax To A Milestone System

Hello, I and working on a solution for a customer who has existing coax in place. They currently have a milestone system and are looking to upgrade some of the older analog cameras.

Currently, I am entertaining two different solutions. The first would be to use IP cameras while utilizing IP-Coax converters. The second would be to use cameras which use HD over coax technologies ( HD-SDI, HD-TVI, etc...) and then use an encoder at the head end which would be capable of encoding at HD resolutions (currently looking at the HD4 and haven't really found any other solutions).

Does anybody have any suggestions for possible products or solutions which would fit this application? We had previously used the Sony Hybrid cameras, but they have been discontinued and we will no longer be able to aquire this product line.

Thanks John. I am looking into solutions using a DVR as an encoder now, which seems like it will be a much more cost effective solutoion. Would you expect an 8 channel DVR to be capable of handling encoding all 8 channels in HD and streaming them via RTSP without an issue? I feel like that might be a heavy processing load on the DVR, but that is simply my assumption and is not based off of any testing or experience with this type of setup.

Kyle, see: HD Analog DVRs With VMS Software Tested. We integrated Milestone with both HDCVI and HDTVI recorders.

Also, Dahua is now shipping HDCVI encoders. We are about to start testing that.

The Picolo HD4s are very expensive from what I have seen.