Solution For Shipping/Receiving Door

We have a client with a new shipping/receiving door. We were hoping to have a feature to give the UPS and FEDEX guy a pin/prox reader but upon the pin entry would send an email to 5-7 people. this is so someone can sign for the delivery.

The other requirement is a camera at the door that can be tied into a VMS.

I looked at Aiphone and called their HQ, they said they can't send more than 3 emails and requires a "master station"

I would look at a intercom solution which can trigger a VOIP call or email when the button is pressed. Something like the Axis intercom station.

very simple solution,

You can use a standalone access control keypad with two relays. Have one release the door and have the other close an input on the camera. most VMS's can send emails on events such as input closed.

The Axis intercom appears to be a fairly good solution for what you need. If that doesn't fit, a few more options --

  1. Theoretically, if the AIPhone station can send one email, you can have that one email be an alias that forwards to all 7 email addresses as required. Instead of entering 7 email addresses individually, set up an email alias within their corporate network that automatically forwards that email to all people on that list. The master station is required but doesn't have to be used, although it seems like a good idea to have it available either way. Worst-case, seems like you could go with a software-based master, but that seems to needlessly complicate what would otherwise be a pretty cost-effective solution.

    The only thing I'd question is whether there is a pin-based option to trigger it that is native to AIPhone. I haven't looked for that option specifically, so maybe it's there.

  2. You have a multitude of integration options. Unless there is an existing access control system, the option mentioned previously to tie an input on the VMS to trigger the emails is probably the least-expensive solution. If you do have an access control system, many will integrate an intercom system and allow it to be programmed to trigger a variety of outputs as needed, including email addresses.

Thank you both. I totally missed the alias email idea.

Email groups FTW