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Solar Solution For Remote Site

I am looking for a solar solution. It is a remote site without no electricity. I don't need to mount the equipment on poles since I can mount on the structure. I have to run 3-4 cameras and we are in the Northeast US region. I have full sunlight since it is by the water - no obstructions. I would also have to power a wireless transmitter that will connect to a different building where the recorder will be. I am looking for suggestions on the camera, housing and any of the accessories. It is windy so I don't know if a turbine would provide the necessary power or act as a supplement.

Thank you

There are plenty of ready made solutions out there.

If you were to design your own just make sure of your power consumption. You will want it to be as low as possible to not having to implement a solar farm. You will need cameras that have 12VDC inputs as well as a switch that takes in 12VDC as well. Combine all your current draw x 24Hrs and that would give you your power consumption over a single day. Times that by 12VDC should give your wattage for power requirements.

Than you would pick your solar panel (Wattage x 6 hours of sunshine (worst case scenario)) and pick your battery to hold enough to last you through.

We are in Maine, and our worst case is even less than 5 hours. You never want to drain a battery less than 50 percent and you have to consider 2-3 days without sun (cloudy storm cover). You also need to consider lowest temperatures on the batteries, which have an effect on operation. If you had 4 cameras, bullet, no heater, no ir, plus two radios dual nic (eliminates switch) normally talking 25-30 watts. If you could get 5 hours of sun, worse case, a 150 watt panel would do it, but you account for 3 days no sun, and power loss from charge controller, you are probably talking 500 watts of solar. (Or 4 panels). 60 amp hours per day x 2 (50 percent minimal charge) x 3 cloud days and cold temperature adjustment would probably mean 400-500 amp-hr gel cell battery. I have been running two bullets and a radio on 250 watt panels and 200 amp hour batteries in Maine for two years now, no problem. Adding heaters on this solution would be a killer. I have tested bullets on Poe down to -20 f, and as long as they do not power down, work fine (most rated at -4 f).


You might check out Dotworkz Solar Kits for an 'all-in-one' type solutions here. Powering the camera, housing, and NVR is a typical application for those kits.

For specifics on solar design, check our Solar Surveillance Guide for design guidelines.

Take a look, and feel free to ask followup questions!

Check out Vorp Energy. If you can provide your power consumption totals and latitude/longitude, they'll help engineer a solar array & battery backup setup, with recommended margins.

Sunwize is also a good option, I have done this at Durrat Al Bahrain, Kingdom of Bahrain. The panel supported a wireless transmitter and Arecont panoramic camera.

Nice place for a panel!

Bad place for an Arecont service call! Just think of the trip charge ...


How has your experience been with the Arecont panoramic?

Personally I’m not happy with its performance

I started a discussion on Mobotix for low power solar applications. There is some good feedback in this discussion:

Low Power Requirement Outdoors With Mobotix

Vorp Energy specializes in pre-connected kits for Remote Surveillance applications. Give them a call.

Camera and wireless selection based on operational mission drive the load and duty cycle aspect which factor with a site location as key details for the solar plant solution.

We do it all the time, LMK where suppport is needed.

Wind is complimentary to solar. We all know the direction the sun travels, wind not so much.

We all know the direction the sun travels, wind not so much.

They go the same direction on these... :)