Add Solar Power For Alarm System

I have a client looking to a purchase an alarm system for a 48,000 square foot manufacturing facility that will be moth balled for about a year or more. He has security guard company stationed there 24/7 but stuff it still comming up missing. Problem is there is no power I have plenty of roof space to work with. I'm looking for a setup to deploy solar panels along with a storage battery bank etc. Can someone point me in the right direction for parts?

I have planned on covering as much as possible with beams and wireless PIR's to keep the power draw to a minimum. About 30% of the building is glass from 12 ft up the walls to the roof all the way around. He has also reqeusted cameras with recording capability and wireless access so I need enough power for a cable modem and a few cameras as well. I told him it will be $$$$$$$ for solar he has millions of dollars of equipment in there. He believee it will be cheaper to go solar and get rid of the security guards than pay the minimum monthly electric bill.

All ideas welcome

I believe the two key questions are (1) how much power do you need and (2) what part of the world is this (to determine sunlight availability / insolation).

Reference: Solar Surveillance Guide

Are you trying to figure out whether solar will be cheaper than running power and paying for the local utility?

The typical payback time on a solar system is about 15 years. You might get lucky and see a 10 year payback time. But I'd be shocked if solar came out to be cheaper than utility power in any normal scenario.

I have no idea how purchasing solar equipment and installing will be more cost effective than having the utility company turn the power back on to the building. There is possibly something we aren't seeing such as contract or a very large minimum payment since it is a manufacturing facility.

I didn't get details but I can assume since its a huge facitlity with about 20 -500 amp services their is going to be a big deposit involved with hooking the power up and there are not ready to run yet. Property was a bank sale. Being that some vandalism/looting already occurred prior to their purchase it may not be as easy as turning the power on. Im not an electrician but there are many empty stripped out electrical boxes and wires bigger than my thumb cut.

If it's in the US, call a construction site power company. They put in a separate pole and meter for the work site.

So is the construction site pole and meter is like new service being started under a new account, and therefore could have a cheaper minimum than the existing service? Is it an actually an account of the construction power company where they pass the along the actual cost?

Usually temp poles have a 'permanent' account, just like any other meter. Instead of sending the invoice to the site/building owner, the power co sends it to the construction company (or whoever requested the temp pole meter).

The cost is limited to what the meter spools up. They might charge you to setup & rent the meter/pole as well.

I think that answers your question?

Basics of Temporary Electrical Installations I haven't ordered one, but I've used many on construction projects. It would not be connected to the building system. Most likely a lot cheaper than certifying a large usage factory.

My solution for this is a battery powered cellular video verified alarm system. This can be used to replace those guards or at least enhance their service :

Lots of potential solutions.

Keep it DC.

10-1 rule of thumb.

Load, duty cycle and location = solar electric solution.

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