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Software / Motherboard Raid

Has anyone had any problems using software or motherboard raid for VMS storage? I usually use a LSI Raid controller but this one is on a smaller budget. This is for a card room who is looking to add and eventually replace all of their cameras. So they want to start with the following and when more cameras are added they will use NAS to supplement the storage. So this is what they want to start with.

18 x 2MP Cameras @ 15FPS (74Mb/s)

24/7 Recording 14 Days on 4 x 4TB Drives Raid 5

Win 7 OS on SSD

Would there be any issues going with software or motherboard raid? If not is there a recommended Software or motherboard chipset to use?

I wpukd contact the mobo mfg to see what the controller is capable of thru putting. I know a lot of vms manufacturers that sell preconfigured boxes tell you not to pump more than 40mb/s as it will not handle it.