So I Was On IPVM (New Site Feedback)

I was on IPVM clicking on a discussion to comment and then BOOM, new website! Looks great!

Thanks, it just just went live. We are examining things to make sure everything is ok and working on further fine tuning.

Also, it should be loading a lot faster.

Ok.....this looks AWESOME on mobile. Now I don't have to switch to full site!

I just noticed the same thing. I swear I was in the discussion section 20 minutes ago and it didnt look like this.

It looks good - I like the feel of the new site

"Hats off!" to IPVM for doing a really great job on this makeover! Very easy to use in all form factors. Awesome!

looks great, congratulations on the new site

much purtier

Very nice!

Since the release of the new site, things are much smoother and easier to use. I really like the way it feels on my mobile device (iPhone+Chrome).

However, there is one minor annoyance that I would like to put out there. Every time I vote or reply, the top navigation is hidden for a few seconds by the status pop-under. I have found myself waiting for it to clear so I can navigate the site again.

This isn't really a big deal, but just one little thing that could be resolved by having it pop from the bottom, or simply have a close X to clear it.

Overall though, awesome job on the update.

Hello Jon:

I'll forward this feedback. Thanks!

Hello Jon:

The tweak for this is live. Now any 'flash' messages with less than eight words will appear for 2.25 seconds instead of 5.

Also, clicking the flash message itself has always hidden it immediately, but that has never been obvious, so now the cursor turns into a pointer on hover to encourage the user to click on it.


Thanks for the quick fix Brian! I never thought to click it. That would make sense though.

The new site makes the camera calculator much easier to use on the ipad.