Sneak Peak - New Calculator

We have a very significant new version of the Camera Calculator coming out. We are not releasing it yet but we want to share it with members who are actively checking out the discussion group.

Watch this short video to see what we are doing:

We'd love to get your feedback on how to improve it. Let us know.

Nicely done. Putting in some known locations provides a quite accurate scene.

I've tried uploading a couple of my project image/scenes. When I try to select one of my scenes, I only get a black image. I am missing something?

Jeff, you set a FoV for those scenes of 0, that is why they are blank. Delete and re-upload them. This time enter in the FoV width. If it's from a phone it's likely ~52 degrees. Let me know if we can help.

This is an obviously useful tool. One of the better ones I have seen. Pardon the stupid question, but are you achieving scaling when adding cameras and field of view and is that scaling maintained on zooming in and out? This must have taken a talented person a lot of time. Very well done gentlemen.

Yes, I believe you mean something like this:

On our side, we define / record the coordinates of the camera positioning, then Google does the heavy lifting of scaling / sizing it to the appropriate zoom level.

I use JVSG and love it , Great Program, many others just like it and thier great too, But only so much time and cannot use everything or all of them.

Just about at the info overload stage where some great programs get left out because of time.

Going to be really hard to change from Great to Newbe program.

This is simply meant for people who would like to use google maps to place / experiment with cameras, something that is not available in other surveillance tools that I am aware of (save for the old Pelco windows executable).

Btw, we already have 4,000+ visits a month to the current calculator, so we see this as an added benefit to those users.

Very nice add-in. Thank you IPVM.

Absolutely awesome stuff. We tried to mess around in Microsoft Visio but never really got a good handle on it to keep everything in place. The side panel that shows you what the camera would see is a great touch.

The side panel street view is really neat. It's limited by what google has driven by / mapped but, for those areas, it is really helpful.