Sneak Peak - Free Invites

Next week, we are launching a major new feature that solves one of our top requests.

Below is a preview of it only for our regular discussion readers.

Members ask all the time how can they share IPVM content with their customers, colleagues, friends, etc.

Now, we are introducing 'invites', that allow eligible members to give 1 month free IPVM membership to whomever they choose.


  • This adds value to your IPVM membership. Now, you can give something that normally costs $20+ to your friends. Not only do you save them money, you can provide them valuable information.
  • Only members can give out invites. We will not provide this publicly so the value stays with you.
  • For us, we believe this will increase conversions / new members as it ensures leads are 'warm' having been referred from existing members.

There are a few limits:

  • Each eligibile member will get 3 invites per year, allowing you to give a month each to 3 separate people. If you use all your invites, your invites will be refreshed to 3 over the next year. If you have a special request to give more, contact us and we will consider it.
  • All members will be eligible unless the member is on a monthly plan and has been a member for less than a year. In that case, upgrading to an annual plan will immediately activate invitation function.

That's it

Try it out now - give a 1 month membership to a friend.

Let us know what you think. We'd appreciate your feedback!

This sounds like a good idea, I'm sure I'll use it. Have you thought about giving the ability to just share a single article? Same concept - a limited number of shares, but maybe a few more than 3.

That's an interesting idea. Thanks. We'll seriously consider.

Given that we are rolling this out now, if we do it, we'll probably wait a few months to space this out.

excellent idea, I'll use it for sure

Great Idea! One small modification might be beneficial to both IPVM and members:

Replenish invites automatically if invitee purchases membership.

That way it's an incentive to give them out wisely, inviting those more likely to subscribe, rather than just giving them as a gift. Just a thought.

That is a good idea. Thanks. We'll add that logic in next week.

I will certainly use this. I would actually pay a little more monthly to have the ability to share articles individually with my clients in limited quantities. Sometimes I just want to use an article to reassure my client of my product choices or to help them better understand why I chose what I chose.

Duane, thanks for the feedback on that. Good to know. My gut feel is to give some for free, maybe we include some modest charge for extras....


Is there any reason why it would be frowned upon to invite an end user (aka client)? Said client then could view the materials that support us or our designs? Educated customers are always better IMO.

Yes, please send to them. End users / customers are certainly one of the intended applications of this. We already have ~1,000 end user members, so it's certainly something end users use.

I think this is a great way to collaborate with other industry peers. Very applaudable!

Update: we've now made invites expire after 8 days and invites that convert will no longer count against invite total.

Finally, we will be making the official announcement next week.

In the meantime, feel free to invite anyone and if you can use some extra invites, just email -