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Smartvue Commercial Integrator Award? Best Surveillance Solution?

Just got this in my email, in my experiance, the Smartvue system is really cool. But it doesnt work well I have one on my desk at the office and it tends to have a lot of problems. What do you guys think?

They're always tweeting about the big customers they bring in. I'm skeptical. Is this some kind of phony marketing ploy?

They are the best surveillance solution at an Audio/Visual show???

I don't think it's a phony marketing ploy, it's even less relevant / meaningful than typical surveillance industry awards (if that's even possible).

Mr. Bazyk - Full disclosure that I work for Smartvue as a Sales Engineer. Smartvue has been in the IP video surveillance business since 1998. The company is profitable and has shipped tens of thousands of its cloud servers to customers worldwide. I am sorry you have had problems with your system. My experience with customers has been very positive over the years and I am pleased to help you directly to resolve those issues. - Terry

I challenged the response I receieved from Smartvue indicating that the "Progess Bar" is merely cosmetics while downloading archived clips to a flash drive. Included in Smarvue's response was it is not a prioty for them at this time.

My customer is at least 400' from the SV server. For the customer to go to the VMS control rooms, remove the flash drive, place it in a local machine, and check the flash to confirm that the archived clips have been copied to the flash drive is an inconvenience and not a cosmetic situation. If the progress bar was functioning it would make far more efficient us of my customers time.