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Small System - Blue Iris Or Hikvision NVR

I'm currently planning a small system of four 3MP Hikvision IP cameras for a friends place.

I've done a lot of work with Panasonic Cameras/NVR's on a enterprise level where money wasn't an issue - now I'm trying to figure out how to record only a few cameras on the cheap.

Right now, I'm debating between a standalone Hikvision NVR or a PC running Blue Iris.  I have an i7 PC that I could sacrifice for the Blue Iris build.

Does anybody have first hand experience with either?  Pros/Cons?   I've only used Panasonic DVR's, NVR's and Video Insight branded servers in the past.



I do tech support for Luxriot software at work so I set up the free version for myself at home.

I have it running on a three year old Celeron based system with 3 x 3MP Hikvisions and a couple of other 720p cameras. It just manages to record and display them all simultaneously so your i7 would do fine.

Pros over an NVR were obviously price as the only cost was the cameras but also personally for me knowing the software very well. I guess that is the pro of an NVR in that it takes less configuration and is more plug'n'play.

Can you share more information of your VMS? Coz this VMS is same as GANZ Control with LPR, VCA and FR. Hope to hear from you soon.

Hi Franky

I don't work for Luxriot directly. The company I work for (OSA) sells this software and I work in the tech support department for them.

Looking at the web page for GANZ it would appear that they OEM the software from Luxriot under their own name. However I'm no expert on the structure of the companies so don't quote me on that.

But yes the Luxriot software has modules to support LPR, FR and VCA under the paid versions.

Have you try the Luxriot of LPR, VCA and FR function?

Yes I have them all running in my lab environment. I have been quite impressed by the capability of the modules especially compared to another system I tested which was 10 times the cost.

As always with video analytics it is difficult to say they are the best products for everybody as your cameras, environment and expectations will all differ from my own.

Do you have any demo video clip of LPR, VCA and FR can share with me?

If you can sacrifice PC for that, check Milestone XProtect Essential+, free Windows based VMS with enterprise level features.

What's up, Tyler. My personal opinion do not suggest using PC Workstation Base for the security recording purpose. Except the PC Configure is a server base requirement. It is not design for 7 x 24.

I do suggest a NVR call NUUO, it has two series called nuuo mini or nuuo solo and the latest firmware do support most of the famous band. Hope it can help you out.

nuuo mini 2 support camera list

nuuo solo support camera list

NUUO is in a downward spiral, e.g., NUUO Falling Apart? Anyone Else Having Problems With Communication And Resolving Tech Issues? I'd be careful using them when there are so many other options.

Not happen in Hong Kong, and we have good communication with NUUO HQ direct with there engineer before. So, maybe this is your own experience...:-)

So, maybe this is your own experience...:-)

I count 7 different people as claiming a poor Nuuo experience in John's link.

In case you need more, try Nuuo Alternatives? Comparable Or Better Price Point? Quality Software? or After How Many Years, Why Is NUUO Still Severely Bug Ridden?

But in the states, may be the distributor did not do a great job, but my previous company was sole distributor of NUUO in Hong Kong. No complain from the end-user.

But in the states, may be the distributor did not do a great job, but my previous company was sole distributor of NUUO in Hong Kong.

Does he handle Manitoba as well?

NUUO's stock is down 90% in the past few years:

Since 2013, NUUO's revenue has fallen ~40% and continues to fall in 2017. In 2013, NUUO's revenue was ~$18 million USD. In 2016, NUUO's revenue was ~$11 million USD. For the first half of 2017, NUUO's revenue has fallen another ~20%:

I am glad you have had a good experience with NUUO but they are clearly in a downward spiral. I would not take the risk of deploying a VMS that has to be serviced for years with a company in that position, but personal preferences will vary.

What's up, John? This is a good figure for my references and other colleague of IPVM. But what I approach and do business with them in the past 3 years, the NVR of mini 2 and solo we use is in good performance and fully support.

Maybe they are doing well in other region, but in Asia area nuuo band is not bad. Sure, I am not work for them, but want to be fair for each one.

Milestone Xprotect Essential + is a free seeding product from Milestone capable of recording 8 x channels absolutely free , and you do have the missing piece in the puzzle as well which is the workstation.



Does it make sense to store video at the edge with an SD card, then use a viewer for review?  I have thought about this for my own place, but have not looked into any free or inexpensive viewers yet.

I amy be wrong but I believe SD cards are prone to failure when being constantly written to like this.

Jay, there are definitely risks with SD cards. Axis OEMed a newer SanDisk card and I believe Hikvision recently started marketing one. If I was to use edge storage, I'd definitely verify first with the manufacturer I was doing it with.

Related: On-Board Storage Usage Statistics 2017

I believe Hikvision free ivms4200 has recording ability natively as well. I know several years ago it was a separate executable and download, but like others have suggested, the free Milestone is what I use at my home, and it seems easier then ivms4200. I also use it for learning Milestone VMS.

Blue Iris is very popular with IT crowds and they seem to like it. When weighed against Hiks security issues, that might be another benefit. But I have not seen Blue Iris get the same scrutiny that Hik has been given.

I'd try Milestone XProtect Essential+ on the existing PC, and if not happy I'd purchase Blue Iris. I used Blue Iris at my last home on a dedicated PC and had zero issues with it or its available mobile app.